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Jigsaw Puzzle | Hey Sugar

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Picture-perfect pretty puzzles are here! Introducing Notcoy’s Jigsaw adventures, a 500-piece puzzle that will take you to a pretty pastel paradise! Whether you’re in the mood to unwind after an exhausting day or simply craving some me-time, our jolly-good Jigsaw-adventure scenes are bound to help you cut off, de-stress and get some peace by piece!

Preserve Your Puzzle

Once you’re done piecing it together, follow the instructions inside to use the puzzle saver sticker sheets to hold the pieces together. You can then frame up your masterpiece and add some pastel magic to your room!

About The Artwork

Peek into the 'Hey, Sugar!' adventure:
Imagine you’re in a cute lil cafe with an all-you-can-eat spread of doughnuts, pastries, and a big round pie with plump and juicy blueberries. Nothing says summertime like a blueberry pie all to yourself! Hey, sugar! It’s time to get yourself a sugar rush with this yummy Jigsaw adventure.


• Artwork dimensions: 14.2 in. x 19.7 in.
• Box dimensions: 8 in. x 10 in. x 2 in.
• 500 piece puzzle with a matte finish
• Poster of the artwork inside the box
• 4 puzzle saver sticker sheets included

Customer Reviews

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Miranda Billings
A challenge :-)

I have a small collection of jigsaw puzzles and when I saw this one online, it was so cute so I wanted to buy it even though it looked really easy :3 I usually prefer ones that are more on the difficult side, but I was honestly impressed at this one because it was a lot more difficult than I was expecting! I’m glad I found this website online<3 (and the sticker sheet was a nice surprise - super cute! Please sell cute sticker packs and temporary tattoos!)

Bhavana Malhotra
A review for the packaging

Okay, a separate review for the packaging... which is quite lovely right from the little extended ribbon to pull out the box to the cloth pouch in which you can stash away the puzzle. I'd love if Notcoy got rid of the plastic bag the puzzle initially comes in though, and just package it in the cloth pouch from the get-go.

Aastha Gupta

I loved making this puzzle. It really helped to calm me and personally I am a big fan on pastels so that was a bonus for me. The packaging and the stickers inside were also too cute!