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Party Card Game | Let's Get Candid

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Tired of having the same old conversations with your squad? Time to find out who your friends really are and what they really think of you! Introducing Let's Get Candid, a party game for real friends. It’s got 180 fun, spicy and silly prompts to get any party started! By the end of this, we can't tell if you'll love your friends a lot more, or never speak to them again..

How to play

1. Get 3+ friends together
2. Shuffle the deck and pick a card in turns
3. Follow the prompt 
4. Collect the most number of cards to win

⚠️Can be turned into a drinking game⚠️ (Instructions in the rule book)
Must be of legal drinking age in your state or we'll call your mom.

This game is designed for ages 17+


Always About Me (40 cards)
Who knows you the best? Find out with these fun questions that your friends have to answer about you.

Let's Play Stupid (40 cards)
Silly challenges that bring out the real version of you.

Not Gonna Lie (40 cards)
Spicy questions cause we don't really need to be shy, do we?

That One Friend (40 cards)
Everyone in the group decides which friend fits the description of the prompt.

Imma Wild Card (20 cards)
A chance to get back into the game and collect more cards!


• Comes in a drawer box
• 180 party-starter cards
• Premium playing cards with a gloss finish
• Card dimensions: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in.
• Box dimensions: 5.7 in. x 4 in. x 1.6 in.
• 1 rule book

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alekhya kethu
Super Fun!

Loved it! If it’s a group of three or a huge gang it is super fun!!!

A Thrilling Party Game For Friends

I recently ordered this and received it much faster than I expected. I was a little skeptical about it but once I stared playing it with my friends I can’t stop. This is the perfect party game. It’s the only party card game I found which isn’t completely dirty or wreckless. I definitely suggest buying it.

Deanna Torres

I admittedly have not played yet, however, I have sifted through the cards and am so excited too! The packaging is SO cute that I love just having it out on display!